Loftworks & COVID-19

Here at Loft­works, health and safe­ty is of course one of our top pri­or­i­ties, so we’re here to share some impor­tant updates to how we will be work­ing with you mov­ing forward.

It’s finally June and we’re all starting to take our first steps into the post-lockdown world here in the UK. We know you’re itching to get going again after you’ve had to put your plans into hibernation for 3 months. It’s time to remind the world that you’re still here and that you have exciting things to share. Now more than ever, video production is the best way to deliver your message.

Loftworks is still here to bring your message to life and can achieve this whilst adhering to the demanding requirements of social distancing and all the ins and outs that includes. We’d like to share with you the ways in which we can ensure peace of mind whilst working with us.

  • Remote consultations and communication

For the time being, we advise against visiting Loftworks Towers to plot out your masterpiece. But don’t worry, we’re fully equipped for remote communication whether it be video one-on-ones or group meetings. Of course, there’s still the old-fashioned telephone too!

We’ve set up dedicated digital workplaces where clients and crew can share and collaborate on projects. With real-time communication and file-sharing abilities.

  • Location / Studio Shoots

This is probably the most concerning aspect of production, but don’t worry - it’s all in hand. On the day of the shoot, we’ll have an on-site monitor whose sole purpose is to observe and maintain proceedings, ensuring that social distancing, hygiene standards and client & crew movement are all handled appropriately to current guidelines. This monitor has the power to halt the shoot if any alarm bells are ringing.

We will ensure that clients and crew have as little physical interaction as possible, including separate entrances and exits, toilet facilities and green rooms where possible. Hand sanitiser will also be available and encouraged regularly.

Before the shoot, Loftworks will ensure the location has been deep-cleaned as well as marking out 2m safe zones for everyone to operate in. In an external / public location we will do all we can to minimise the risk but a dash of common sense will also be a prerequisite in these situations!

  • Editing / Animation

This aspect needs little attention on your side. As always, this is where the behind-the-scenes magic happens. Loftworks Towers remains an open and safe space to work, but working remotely has never been easier. So wherever we find ourselves in the future your project is always active!

We want to ensure that both client and crew can operate in a safe environment where we can work together comfortably and confidently.

With a little flexibility it can be business as usual.

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