Motion Graphics

With licks of texture, depth and subtlety our motion graphics will give your brand a stunning personality.

At Loftworks challenges are our thing. And problem solving is also our thing, but how do we define our solutions?

With alluring design wrapped up in tantalising motion graphics.

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Graphic Design is all about communication, it informs, teaches and aims to resonate with the viewer. It's about simplifying a message to be easily digested.

As an extension, Motion Graphics allows us to enhance and add gravitas to certain aspects of that information.

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From the simplicity offered by moving typography through to fully immersive animated sequences, both can effortlessly boast finesse.

The information is key, yet the aesthetic is also crucial. Adding a flourish to make your message visually appealing will not only engage but motivate your audience to share.

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At Loftworks we have have kept pace with our rapidly moving and technological times, as they continue to travel the veins of film titles, logos, presentations, training material, promotional films and advertising.

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Although primarily used to inform, harnessed correctly, motion graphics have the ability to yield much more.

With our wealth of experience we know where and when (and importantly when not) to use motion to capture it's full potential.

The human race are visual communicators and this platform offers a fundamental element of our observable dialogue.

Their versatility has been part of our staple diet for decades. 

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