With our collective artistry, and through embracing process, we visualise and construct your story.

Now we’ve agreed what you want to say and how you want to say it — it’s time for us to make that happen.

And this mostly happens in a dark room. But you’ll still find us outside the box.

This is where we catalogue, assemble and invigorate your narrative. It's where your story develops a tangible personality. And it’s pretty exciting to see it evolve.

Loop01 still

With disciplines rooted firmly in design, our approach to post-production pulls on modest composition to reflect incisiveness. Every shot that makes the final cut serves a distinct purpose.

Loop02 still

We’re adept at handling many moving parts, and we enjoy it. Sequencing, transitioning and cutting. Rinse and repeat, until your brand sings.

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Back when we first met, we asked for all of your information and told you to hold nothing back. And now, that is our trump card — as we can give your content its true complexion.

At Loftworks we see your content as more than a series of images. They are the tool which enables the soul of your brand to connect and resonate.

Storytelling is our refined craft.

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