As a species we’re charmed by the visual medium. It can allure, invoke and gratify — but we want it to do more.

Now you've told us who you are and what makes you tick, we’ll take this on the road.

The transition from concept to production, or from canvas to screen — but there are many ways to skin a cat.

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Every production is unique, as is every location so you’ll usually find us outside the box. As it’s more fun.

We believe film should seduce and mesmerise. It should capture moments and messages and invite an audience to embrace your brand.

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Our methods are born from learned creative techniques. We thrive on understanding the finer details of direction, lighting and sound, and we complement each of those with expert subtlety.

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The cinematic filmic experience is a different beast to that of a corporate event and we refine our formula accordingly — at Loftworks we offer bespoke rather than conventional.

We are proud of our ability to fuse your values, with our grasp on process and originality to exhibit the very best parts of you.

You’re in safe hands.

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