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Studio to Stage: How Faithless created their live sound

Situated at the epicentre of London’s Kings Cross, Tileyard Education (TYE) is, in its own words, considered no ordinary university.

Home to behemoths like Apple Music, Soundcloud, The Prodigy, Noel Gallagher, and more, TYE offers MA and BA Entry students the opportunity to work and study in the largest professional music community in the world.

They can learn alongside professionals and develop networks to ultimately launch their careers.

Great team to work with, really know their stuff and super talented. Highly recommend.

Harry Leckstein, Managing Director at Tileyard Education

And a champion of this Tileyard community (and an ambassador of TYE) is Sister Bliss (real name Ayalay Bentovim) who will predominantly be revered for her role in Faithless — one of the most successful electronic music acts throughout their stunning 17-year career. 

Tileyard Ed 06

"Tileyard is a community of producers, songwriters, artists, labels, managers and creative entrepreneurs, a hive of content creation, sharing ideas, collaborating on projects, pitching for new business and driving the independent music industry forward!"

— Sister Bliss

Along with their late iconic frontman Maxi Jazz and producer Rollo Armstrong, Sister Bliss and Faithless went on to amass eight albums (three number ones) and six top ten singles, while to date, they have sold in excess of 15 million records worldwide, with a list of collaborators that include Boy George, Dido and Cat Power.

So with Loftworks’ experience of producing training videos for various other clients, we were excited when asked to film Sister Bliss talking about the logistics of taking Faithless from the 'studio to stage' — a video now included as part of the TYE course.

Filmed at the TYE studio, Sister Bliss recalled many techniques that Faithless used in transforming their studio-based sound into a live experience. The interview also offered a deep dive into her music career, which presents as a fascinating and absorbing watch for any students just starting out.

We captured her insights with several cameras, ranging from designing a show, working with session musicians, live broadcasts and adapting their setlist, among many more. 

Having captured around two hours of content, the final edit mirrored a 20-chapter course with the interview segments interspersed with footage from Faithless’ live performances.

We genuinely love all music-based projects that we are involved in and are big fans of Faithless, so it was super cool to hang out with her, to get underneath just how they undertook this transformation with such undisputed success.

And for any young budding music artist, such insights should be considered invaluable.

The course currently lives on the MusicGurus website and below is the short trailer we made to promote it:

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