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A.A. Williams’ musical aura through a lens

How do you visually capture: “... a journey through haunting, deep places ...”? Well, do come with us ...

When London based band A.A Williams (Holy Roar Records) popped in to discuss a photoshoot to accompany their highly anticipated debut EP, we showed them around our in-house photography studio.

Then following a few virtual exchanges — in which we pinged them some mood boards and a host of potential styles — we had a consensus on tone and complexion.

Our inspiration was garnered from fashion photography and the model’s body posture, right through to music videos that straddled the 80s and 90s.

We were intrigued by the methods they used to create a visual ambience, which in-turn delivered a prominent message with still imagery.

In creating Alex’s (lead singer's) profile we needed a melancholic environment to befit the distinct style of their music, and also her character.

But those desolate tones required a degree of offsetting, to which we sprinkled a few dashes of flirtatious, yet subtle colour — and that balance was vital.

And we were also influenced by films where lighting and colour grading were integral to driving a rich visual climate.

Through further collaboration with Tom Williams, Katie Southwell (Hair & Make Up) and Imogen Loveday (Styling); A.A. Williams’ debut EP is now complemented by a striking portfolio of still imagery.

I first met the guys at Loftworks during the recording of Tiffany’s record ‘Pieces of Me’. Their effortless professionalism produced an amazing result, and they're now my first call for any filming or photography need.

Tom Williams, Musician at A.A. Williams

DSC04888 Edit

By playing with varied combinations of gels we could manipulate the mood of the shots to suit our needs.

DSC05510 Edit

The introduction of the smoke machine gave the shots added depth and atmosphere, while simple adjustments in the positioning of the lights injected that sought after mystique.

We invited dark and light backgrounds to mingle, pulled-on lighting techniques and incorporated a range of colour palettes. With the smoke machine in-play, this was another element that helped us achieve our desired composition — which in turn delivered that haunted atmosphere. 

Playing with the front and rear lighting enabled us to pronounce the backdrop for a more silhouetted approach. We also experimented with more focus on Alex, while in others we accentuated her positions and body shape. These varied approaches produced a portfolio of still imagery that met the brief. “...A journey through haunting, deep places...”

Marc was an absolute pleasure to work with as he really understood the brief and made me feel totally at ease. The whole shoot was great fun, and the pictures look amazing!

Alex Williams, Musician at A.A. Williams

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