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Hannie brought in for Arturia showcase

With the announcement of Arturia’s Keylab 88 Essential midi controller came a request for a short promo, for which artist/songwriter duo Hannie were enlisted.

Having been sent the keyboard by Arturia, the duo returned with a short piece of music specifically designed to showcase the instrument’s capabilities, which can be used in both the studio and a live setting.

The reins were then handed over to us to plan a shoot which would capture their performance, and so, we made our way across the capital to Tileyard Studios in London’s King’s Cross to create the set.

Excellent communication, a very creative team of filmmakers end editors adding their own creative flair, a pleasure to work with and a guaranteed excellent end result.

Bryan Borcherds, Marketing Manager at Arturia

Case Study Arturia Keylab Loop01


With the studio set up in a home-like aesthetic the girls quickly arrived to start their performance. Though a balance was required; between capturing the performance while also focusing on the Keylab 88 Essential and its accompanying software. 

Case Study Arturia Keylab Loop02


With multiple cameras strategically arranged, it enabled us to capture Hannah and Annie and close ups of the keyboard. By adding motion graphics in post, and then tracked into the shots we offered bite sized explanations of the equipment’s strengths. 

Case Study Arturia Keylab Loop03


The last segment of the video illustrates how the keyboard can be utilised in a live performance setting, and therefore, complementing other instruments. The girls also recorded themselves and used the shoot to promote the product by harnessing their viral fan base. 

Such pro­mo videos are mul­ti-func­tion­al. They are a vehi­cle to expand the product’s reach, and through part­ner­ships with influ­en­tial artists, who them­selves can lever­age their own fol­low­ing, it acts as a great prod­uct endorsement. 

Check out the full video to see what the tal­ent­ed Annie and Han­nah created.

Excellent ability from Loftworks to follow a brief, yet add their own touch of creativity. From storyboarding, filming to editing, colour grading and animated graphics, very pleased with the end product that they deliver each time.

Bryan Borcherds, Marketing Manager at Arturia

On every shoot we also provide our photography platform. Clients often need a few brief shots, or we can factor in time and a dedicator photographer, to capture the environment with high-end shots that can then be used across the full marketing campaign. 

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