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Arturia: innovators in music's ecosystems

They are a powerhouse within today’s music. But how do you translate such dominance to the screen?

As one of the leaders in their field, where do most of their fans most desire to be? Out in that field. And we take them there.

Arturia frequently requires rich videos to sustain their influential brand, and our visuals portray all of the mechanics and processes that bring sound to life.

By utilising many of our service platforms — from storyboarding and filming through to colour grading — our client videos enhance Aturia’s catalogue to reflect every inch of their endeavour.

Fans and amateur musicians alike, can witness the highlights of a nine-to-five at one of the industry’s most prolific technical innovators. We offer them a backstage pass.

Much of the content focuses on interviewing high profile musicians, renowned artists and producers — including Euan Dickinson (Massive Attack), Producer Steve Levine and Emre Türkmen (Years and Years), to name just a few... — who constantly engage with Arturia to bolster their own diverse musical creations.

Excellent communication, a very creative team of filmmakers end editors adding their own creative flair, a pleasure to work with and a guaranteed excellent end result.

Bryan Borcherds, Marketing Manager at Arturia

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When invited to the home of trip-hop and the legendary studios of Massive Attack, we interviewed Euan Dickinson who’s been working with the band since 2004 on several albums, to evolve their unmistakable Bristolian sound.

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Joining us in the studio, Adam Dennis was keen to offer us insights into his work on the Beatles 50th anniversary live performance, at the illustrious Abbey Road Studios. In doing so he demonstrated the Arturia equipment he used for that gig while giving us some awe inspiring demos of the Mellotron V software.

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While on location we managed to grab a quick interview with Paul Wilson, the bassist in Snow Patrol during their rehearsals for their ‘Reworked’ album tour. He was quick to tell us about his admiration for the Arturia Keylab and the multitude of software it comes with and how he incorporates it into their music.

Here’s a glimpse at one of the full videos with com­pos­er Wal­ter Mair. He had been work­ing on the Net­flix series For­mu­la 1: Dri­ve to Sur­vive, amongst many oth­er cre­ative projects.

Excellent ability from Loftworks to follow a brief, yet add their own touch of creativity. From storyboarding, filming to editing, colour grading and animated graphics, very pleased with the end product that they deliver each time.

Bryan Borcherds, Marketing Manager at Arturia

Video based instruction manuals help users understand their purchase and enable them to get the best out of their equipment. These short training sessions break the information down into edible and engaging chunks, making the set up and using of the products as simple as possible.

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This is an example of the tutorial series that we shot. It’s a very informative three-part video, helping drummers to set up their kits for different recording scenarios, depending on the number of microphones that they have available.

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"DrumBrute Impact is a drum machine for musicians and producers who crave raw power and monstrous tone". Arturia are proud of the DrumBrute Impact and we created a four part tutorial series with Bryan Borcherds, to guide people through the basics of the machine.

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We filmed this AudioFuse 8Pre tutorial to highlight some of the possibilities of that particular product. The tutorial also featured a guest appearance from the alternative/folk artist Hattie Erawan, who can be seen singing and playing guitar.

Take a peek at the first of the Drum­Brute Impact tuto­r­i­al series. This video illus­trates how Arturia sup­ports new­com­ers to under­stand and dis­cov­er what their recent pur­chase has to offer.

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