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RGB Sessions: showcasing artists and new music, every week

A self-funded programme, the RGB Sessions aims to help both music and musicians thrive. Skilled artists will be offered a platform to showcase their talents, while the platform offers music lovers the simple discovery of new music...

The mission statement of our new project is pretty simple: Helping Music Thrive. With music at its core, it will bring audiences together. It will serve as a musical community for people to listen, share and connect.

The Idea

RGB Sessions combines our two passions: music and video

The most wonderful crew of people! Not only are they incredibly talented at what they do, they’re kind and amazing people to work with. Can’t wait to work with you all again!!

Althea Grace, Musician at RGB Sessions

We are as passionate about music as every artist is and genuinely want them to succeed. While still in its infancy, we had to find the channel's identity so getting the branding and character right was imperative. You can see below, part of the process that we went through to designing a logo. 

The Set

Tileyard Studios: crafting 'home away from home'

The team made me feel super comfortable. Everyone was friendly and professional and it was overall a great experience!

Justine Perret, Musician at RGB Sessions

Artists who apply and are select­ed are invit­ed to per­form one track in our liv­ing room-styled set, filmed at The Gallery, Tile­yard Stu­dios, Lon­don. We want­ed to cre­ate an inti­mate-styled set for musi­cians which in turn we hoped would enable hon­est artist per­for­mances that por­tray how they should be seen and heard’ — not being over­pro­duced, yet with pro­fes­sion­al sound qual­i­ty and high aes­thet­ic pro­duc­tion values.


Building a music community, bringing audiences together

The most amazing, down-to-earth team to work with. Very cool and very professional. The highest quality audio and video. You can’t do better than Loftworks!

Jessie Phelps, Musician at RGB Sessions

Ultra accessible to all artists, they will gain access to a professional video which along with the exposure that comes with it can help them further their careers (for example, by using the video to apply for festival slots, and gigs, etc.) 

By also being part of this programme they can enter into our RGB community, with other artists, for valuable industry discussion and support. 

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How are we trying to help the artists? In what is also considered an over-saturated industry, aspiring artists often find methods for exposure unaffordable. Investing in a professional video is often not financially viable so can leave them frustrated, facing the uphill struggle of self-promotion. 

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Videos are edited, with professionally mixed audio by Adrian Hall (credits include Depeche Mode, Alicia Keys, Tori Amos and more) to reflect a high-quality production. Every week a new performance is released on the RGB channel, and behind a full week of promotion (through RGB social platforms), it gives them concentrated exposure to reach and inspire new audiences. 

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With so many platforms offering such an abundance of material, much of which is created by an algorithm, it is often hard for audiences to find new music that can be tailored to their taste. Essentially, we aim to help curate new artists and music for audiences, to push them in the direction of discovery.


The story behind every artist: bite-sized interviews

Super lovely ppl to work with and to be looked after by! We filmed a super amazing live session filmed with the most amazing team! I would recommend it 100% for any upcoming artists in music x

Shell Dais, Musician at RGB Sessions

Every artist who takes part in an RGB Session is also asked to take part in a very short interview segment after they have performed. We like to understand who the artist is and where they came from, and we have found that our own followers are equally interested. 

Case Study RGB 720x405 Loop05

We also want to find out the stories behind the songs. We use these short interview extracts as extra social media material, which helps both the artist and the channel on the week that their tracks is published. 

One of the ear­li­est artists to appear on RGB Ses­sions was Alex Fran­cis. With a cap­ti­vat­ing blend of con­tem­po­rary pop and clas­sic soul, Alex has been steadi­ly mak­ing waves as an emerg­ing artist in the UK, Europe, and beyond and it was great to get him on.


Grabbing those behind the scenes shots for social media

They captured the spirit of my sound so well and provided an awesome setting to do so. They’re also really tuned into the inner workings of the modern day musician, to go into detail on what working professionally in music in 2023 is all about.

Alex Francis, Musician at RGB Sessions

On every RGB Sessions shoot we like to capture as much content as we can, and this doesn't stop with video. Getting photos of every artist as they perform is great material for all the RGB socials and it really helps us to document our ongoing story. 

The Future

RGB Sessions will evolve...

Fantastic team with professional values. They were so welcoming to Patrick and I and I cannot wait to see what they make in the future. Thanks guys!

Alex Hopkins, Musician at RGB Sessions

The current red sofa offers acoustic sets, yet as the channel grows, the green and blue equivalents will help it diversify further, with each colour representing something a bit different. The coloured sofas will offer expansion, for example, different genres, and to encourage artist collaboration, with RGB artists connecting and working together to perform cover versions. 


More Work

There’s more stories in the loft...

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