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How do you visually simulate a journey through the world’s most exquisite vehicles? It’s the dream we bring to life.

Air Charter Service often asks us to produce aircraft profiles to showcase their diverse fleet of private jets.

These videos allow the viewer to indulge into the world of private charter. To evaluate the plane’s finer details, right down to the stitching of the leather upholstery and sparkling champagne flutes.

These types of shoots, though, require our flexibility as such aircraft are rarely grounded, while we can be called to anywhere in the world to shoot at short notice.

Other variables include restrictive locations and stringent security, which often imply challenges to obtain key establishing wide shots. Throw in the ever-unpredictable elements and we must plot our path to completion.

We offer a fully-immersive 360-degree walk-through of the aircraft to be viewed in a browser or a headset. This helps viewers identify the model to suit their specific needs, while evaluating the technical specifications of the plane.

The final portfolio includes promotional still-photography and images are suitable for the press and social media.

And still photography is robust, as it enables a degree of manipulation using clever post-production techniques. We have the ability to clean both the surroundings and general shot composition for more distinct results.

Ultimately, every jet develops its own unique on-screen personality.

Loop01 posterframe


Showcasing rarity: the truly beautiful Global XRS.

With black planes being such a scarce global commodity, this was a great opportunity to create a sleek profile of this exceptional aircraft.

Loop02 posterframe


Time is often in short supply when shooting such aircraft. So when they are Aircraft On Ground (AOG), we are required to think fast and move even faster. Their stationary state is rarely for prolonged periods, so we must work with haste in order to capture the full experience.

Deciding to take the leap into video content was a big decision, but in Loftworks we found the perfect people to help us. Friendly, polite and professional, and always went the extra mile to ensure our needs were met.

Claire Ellis, Head of content at Air Charter Service

The quality of the videos, photos and motion graphics they have produced for us have been outstanding. Loftworks have proven their expertise, reliability and above all, their passion — it’s been a pleasure working with them.

Claire Ellis, Head of Content at Air Charter Service

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