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Tiffany's new musical direction needed to be seen

How do you visually translate the reinvention of an 80’s pop icon?

“It’s not what people will think a Tiffany album should sound like. From the writing process to recording, and producing, and working with amazing musicians that understood my vision.”

We were excited by Tiffany’s passionate admission.

And we were equally excited for the opportunity to visually embody several singles from her most recent album Pieces of Me.

As Tiffany’s identity drove the narrative of each song, our collaboration was paramount to ensure that same identity was clearly seen in the compelling visuals.

As a team we pulled on many disciplines to give her a distinct visual pulse, including: design, photography, video and motion graphics, which encompassed album artwork, lyric videos and trailers for social media.

”..this is the music that’s been in my heart for a very long time. It’s time to fulfil my dreams and step into these shoes.”

Loftworks were delighted to work with Tiffany to help her stride down a new musical path.

I have worked with Loftworks on many different musical projects from rock through to dance, music videos, album covers, marketing campaigns, filming live performances & interviews, and we continue to collaborate on new projects today.

Mark Alberici, Music Producer at Tiffany

Tiffany’s decision to record at Rockfield Studios was motivated by tranquility, which in-turn allowed her to channel creativity and we were invited to shoot the video for her first single World’s Away, in the midst of her penning more new material.

Located on the edge of Monmouth, this isolated retreat has such a rich history of musical guests, including: Robert Plant, Black Sabbath, Paul Weller, Oasis and The Stone Roses. And of course Queen, who recorded their Bohemian Rhapsody masterpiece at Rockfield.

And we wanted to encapsulate that peaceful ambience of the setting on film, though it was also important to merge that intimacy with Tiffany's own process in establishing her new sound. Our goal was to visually expose the workings of this development, to let her fans witness her journey through production.

Case Study Tiffany 1920x1080 Loop01 Still

We truly do live our work. And through filming somewhere steeped in such musical history, we hope that our own inspiration genuinely enhances the final product.

Devel­op­ing our own solu­tions for this brief offered an insight­ful glimpse into Tiffany’s world. That of a tal­ent­ed musi­cian, who’s con­tin­u­al rein­ven­tion enhances her iden­ti­ty and artis­tic development.

Case Study Tiffany 1920x1080 Loop02 Still

“Beautiful brings to mind the classic sounds of Blondie”. This was the second single taken from the World’s Away album and our brief was to ensure the video embodied that very sentiment. For which the colourful graffiti lined streets of Brighton provided the perfect landscape, and with Tiffany’s natural energy offering the focus, she effortlessly complemented that vibrant setting. “A fun pop rock track” — we believe the video serves this claim.

The video presents a daz­zling jour­ney around a town known for its rich artis­tic cul­ture, to reflect the over­all feel of Beau­ti­ful.

Loftwork's range of skills enables them to see a project, from beginning to end with great results. Not only do they deliver excellent work but they also manage to create a unique and innovative style all of their own — and that is very special.

Mark Alberici, Music Producer at Tiffany

Case Study Tiffany 1920x1080 Loop03 Still

It was a subtle process, re-making a video for that 1987 pop-classic. While wanting to refresh it for 2019, to accompany her re-imagined track, we were sure to include a nod or two in the direction of the 80's version. This was done through strategically placed visuals while we also re-visited some of the original locations.

Case Study Tiffany 1920x1080 Loop04 Still

Returning to the scene of the original we arrived in Venice Beach, Los Angeles and to the studio where the first version was recorded. Then on to her hometown, high school and even the shopping mall where the first video was filmed. Along with interior studio shots we also interspersed the video timeline with black and white effects and infrared to give it similarities to the original.

Fol­low­ing the launch events, includ­ing a suc­cess­ful Bill­board par­ty in Amer­i­ca and video pre­mière, we were proud to see the adu­la­tion it received — from fans both old and new.

Loftworks are a pleasure to work with, always coming up with new ideas while stretching you artistically and creatively — I can't recommend them highly enough.

Mark Alberici, Music Producer at Tiffany

Case Study Tiffany 1920x1080 Loop06 Still

The anthemic nature of Waste of Time meant that we needed a location as vast as the sound demanded. And with mind blowing panoramas and its glorious light the Joshua Tree national park, California, ticked all of our boxes — we’d found what we were looking for. That provocative track warranted a location with natural cinematic charm, which the national park, effortlessly delivered.

Case Study Tiffany 1920x1080 Loop05 Still

Having worked with the band and Whitney Costner (make-up/hair) to choose several spots around the park, we broke the shoot into varying segments. And to ensure we did the location justice we captured ample footage for timelapsing, while the aerial drone helped to portray the colossal nature of that impressive setting.

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