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A well-Taylored fashion shoot

Queen drummer Roger Taylor ventured out from behind his kit to drive his fashion line, Taylored of London... but how did we visually portray this high-profile label?

Having discussed the project with our friend Nick Bond (Guildford Photographer), we then listened to the project requirements from Sarina Taylor, (Roger’s wife), who manages the clothing line and required promotional video content for their social outlets, to complement Nick’s photography.

Sold online through the official Queen store, the label boasts a range of hats, caps, hoodies, T-shirts and tote bags, and Sabrina had clear aesthetic thinking of how the content should look. We were on board immediately and keen to get creative with this high profile fashion label...

Working with Loftworks was a brilliant experience. They understood my brief immediately and delivered exactly what I had envisioned.

Sarina Taylor, Managing Director at Taylored of London

Taylored loop03 posterframe


Nick scouted some choice locations around Guildford to perfectly contrast the edgy feel envisaged by Sabrina. Scattered around the town, Nick's grungy backdrops effortlessly offset the striking black and red palette of the merchandise.

Taylored loop04 posterframe


Although Instagram stories and posts, within a portrait frame were initially required, our decision to shoot with a slightly wider frame and in 4K resolution was wholly by design. In doing so, the footage was future proofed in the event of other media channels wishing to use it. This method also gave us the opportunity to crop into the images; vertically viewed we had enough for any mobile device, yet it was still usable for any outlet in landscape mode.

Taylored loop05 posterframe


It was a pleasure to work with the models, stylists and PR during the shoot who were amenable throughout, while they also captured a few behind the scenes snaps for additional Instagram posts.

Taylored loop02 posterframe

We shot mostly in parallel to Nick throughout and as the models walked or moved in between his shots, we took full advantage by capturing additional clips of the models as they posed in situ for him.

Taylored loop01 posterframe

By utilising a variety of equipment, from gimbals to long lenses, it enabled swift movement and ensured Nick’s photography continued seamlessly. This allowed us to maximise both our time and the volume of footage that we logged throughout the two day shoot.

Nick takes pride in both shooting and editing all his work, and the results below show why. Sabrina was equally thrilled with our footage and edited content, which represented a full portfolio for her to utilise throughout their marketing channels. 

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