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One-take wonder

When Arturia release a new product they want to show it off. Their audience require an overview and the opportunity to witness its full capability. On this occasion, composer Rob Lewis offered a powerful unveiling.

The team wanted to focus on the KeyStep Pro’s key features. Firstly, that it can be used with a myriad of products, secondly, that it’s a born entertainer … as we quickly found out.

Though, we adopted a slightly different approach — as quite simply, it had to be seen ‘live’. Located in the glorious interior of Fiction Studios we decided that a one-take shot would place it centre stage and boast the KeyStep Pro’s full range.

Excellent ability from Loftworks to follow a brief, yet add their own touch of creativity. From storyboarding, filming to editing, colour grading and animated graphics, very pleased with the end product that they deliver each time.

Bryan Borcherds, Marketing Manager at Arturia

Case Study Arturia Keystep pro Loop01


Seeing the piece unfold in this unfussy manner — minus of any cuts, fades or dissolves — and you soon appreciate the talent of the performer. Rob showcases his full skillset; including jumping on the cello several times during the near four-minute piece. 

Case Study Arturia Keystep pro Loop02


There are challenges encased in any shoot, none more so than when capturing a real time full performance with a single camera. In this case, we opted for a small Sony 4K with a wide lens and attached it to a gimble to allow optimal manoeuvrability around our subject.

Case Study Arturia Keystep pro Loop03


By shooting this way, we could fully explore the product and see the full set-up in a live setting — where it truly excels. We could not have delivered the same results by shooting just a simple product demonstration. 

Rob’s unique style deliv­ers a con­tem­po­rary twist on clas­si­cal music as he merges tra­di­tion­al instru­ments with mod­ern pro­duc­tion tech­niques. He has com­posed for an array of high-pro­file TV and film projects while his mod­est col­lab­o­ra­tive black book lists Baz Luhrmann, BAF­TA win­ner David Holmes, Noël Gal­lagher, and rap­per Dave — to name just a few. A pro­fes­sion­al cel­list and mul­ti-instru­men­tal­ist, Rob’s musi­cal ver­sa­til­i­ty trans­lates into inspir­ing, fer­vent, and emo­tive scores. 

Excellent communication, a very creative team of filmmakers end editors adding their own creative flair, a pleasure to work with and a guaranteed excellent end result.

Bryan Borcherds, Marketing Manager at Arturia

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