Case Study

Promoting the new Sonnox Voca plugin

Kicking off our exciting relationship with audio software company Sonnox, we were asked to produce two promotional videos for their new Voca plugin.

The first was a short, animated promo followed by a product walkthrough with mix engineer and producer Gethin Pearson at his studio — in what he called ‘Wild West Wales’.

Voca is a great tool for enhancing vocals. It produces professional-sounding results, plus, the interface reflects nothing but simplicity with a clean and very distinctive style.

The Promo

Short, snappy and engaging

Case Study Sonnox Voca 720x405 Loop01

For the promo, we used the interface’s distinctive rings as a focal point to echo the vocal enhancer’s software process. These animated rings were driven by the audio waveform and helped to add texture while illustrating movement and depth. 

Case Study Sonnox Voca 720x405 Loop02

Moving dynamically around the plug-in to show individual features, we brought it to life by expanding the visuals to illustrate its characteristics. Key text descriptives, used like pull quotes, only enhanced the movement and energy of what the visuals were displaying. 

Case Study Sonnox Voca 720x405 Loop03

Offering a more dynamic view of the two-dimensional interface, we pan across the compression and saturation features, creating a three-dimensional space. As with most promotional content it also needed to be versatile, so we built the animation to complement 1:1 and 9:16 portrait modes. 

The Demo

A product walkthrough in 'Wild West Wales'

Case Study Sonnox Voca 720x405 Loop04

It was then time to make our way along the M4 to Wild West Wales, arriving at Gethin's characteristic studio space we were keen to get him in front of the lens, to demonstrate the software’s capabilities. 

Case Study Sonnox Voca 720x405 Loop05

With establishing shots of his studio, we wanted to bring the audience inside his world as he introduced himself and dipped into his experience of being a mix engineer. 

Case Study Sonnox Voca 720x405 Loop06

He then dived straight in to explain the key features of the Voca plug-in, demonstrating as he went. With our multi-camera set-up complemented by screen recordings, interspersed with cuts of Gethin and the software, we were able to offer the viewer an engaging walkthrough of the plug-in.


Product and marketing photography...

Typically, on these kinds of video shoots, we often throw in a selection of additional product photography for our clients to use as supporting material for socials and website product pages — and for Sonnox, we were again happy to oblige.

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